What are Asbestos

Asbestos is a type of material found in many buildings. It has been linked to causing very serious health problems for people. Even though it is a good material for keeping heat in it is rarely used in the construction industry anymore due to the ill effects it can have on people that are continually exposed to it. In fact it has been deemed illegal to use in many countries for about 20 years now. Efforts have to be taken to remove it from facilities that already exist.

It really does depend on the type of asbestos that was used though. The one that seems to be the most dangerous to both humans and animals is chrysotile. Those that work in areas with this type of asbestos or that live by factories that have it have been linked to lung problems and to tumors. The fibers in the asbestos are breathed in without a person knowing and therefore they may be exposed to it without ever finding out until they become ill.


Yet many in the construction industry aren’t happy with the image that asbestos has gotten in society. They feel it is a very good material to use for many projects. They want to be able to use a less concentrate of it so there with be fewer fibers in place. They believe it can be a cheaper way to get the same benefits for their projects. However, with the health risks that have been identified it simply isn’t going to happen.

As a result of the controversial issues with asbestos, fiberglass has replaced it for construction purposes. They also use organic fibers instead of the harmful asbestos to get the same results. Removing asbestos from buildings and replacing it with the new materials is very costly and time consuming. Those involved in the process have to wear a mask to help prevent the harmful fibers from getting into their bodies.


Some people have become so ill due to the exposure from asbestos that they are unable to go about their normal life. They have filed lawsuits against the companies in an effort to at least get their medical expenses covered. These types of cases can draw out in the courts for a very long time if the parties can’t agree on a settlement.