Why Women are Attracted to Alpha Male

Ever wonder what womens obsession is with bad boys?

Over the years in my other profession as a bartender I see women pass over all the good guys and chase these men. Men always ask me why this happens, so I help them to another cocktail, drown their sorrows and give them this speech.

See like thousands of other women I am prone to becoming a victim of the Bad Boys. So after extensive reading I have come to a conclusion that I wasn’t ready to settle down even though I thought I was. By chasing a Bad Boy I knew that un-subconsciously they wouldnt want to settle.


When a female is ready to settle then they look for the male that has the most Alpha Male characteristics that also matches their needs and wants for their future life together. This can easily be a Beta Male who is not the ultimate Bad Boy or Alpha Male; however he is able to offer her the security that she is looking for. Women don’t want to constantly chase a Bad Boy or Alpha Male as they would have to in order to settle down with one.

When an Alpha Female is unable to find an Alpha Male then she will settle with a Beta along with taking over the responsibilities of making most of the decisions. When you look at couples you will find that one is always stronger than the other. However when an Alpha Female finds the Alpha Male then they will only become submissive to the Alpha Male and no one else. This allows the women to relax into her female role.

Even in Beta Female and Beta Male relationship one or the other will carry Alpha traits in order to make one succumb to the other. We look for the strongest partner within our circle’s that will produce the strongest offspring, even though we don’t always know this is why. It’s in a female’s genes to have mate selection criteria in order to find a mate who can protect them and their offspring, along with trusting them to be a good provider. Very much like animals do.

Even though women evolve into stronger roles our female psyches stay the same. So to answer the prodigy the answer lies in our genetic makeup. Does this mean that Beta men loose? The answer is no they don’t. They just have to decide to either succumb to an Alpha Female or find a Beta female that they have more Alpha traits then.

So what are the traits that portray the Alpha Male aka Bad Boys and why do women throw themselves at them? The reason is because they reek of masculinity, strength and confidence. They stand out as the ultimate protector and provider for us. The Alpha Male can make us cower into submission by just looking at them. The thing about the Alpha or Bad boy is that they don’t only make women cower, but other men cower to them as well.

The Alpha Male is the leader of the pack, the protector of its constituents, the one who is able to take charge or command giving us the ultimate feeling of being safe. They are territorial and possessive of those who are in his charge.

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The Alpha Male isn’t afraid to stand alone or stand out from the rest. He does what he wants, when he wants and others always follow. He is not afraid to take chances or push things to the extreme when others won’t. His wild side makes him exciting, adventurous to the point that he is never boring.

As the leader they are not allowed to show emotions such as fear, sorrow or pain in fear of losing face. They are indifferent, capable of walking away to be alone and never look back. There the ultimate challenge or a mystery that is dying to be solved by the women who dares to try.

With their masculinity, independence, confidence and strength they reek of sex appeal making women want to mate with them in order to produce offspring even though they don’t know this is why at the time. The Bad Boy’s and the Alpha Males are aphrodisiac’s for females. The feeling of power that a woman gets by being with them makes them feel stronger or better about themselves.

Bad Boys are not needy, insecure or doormats, they tell the women how it is. They keep us guessing and aren’t afraid to tell us when we are out of line. Nor do they change who they are or what they want to succumb to a woman’s demands.

Cynthia Smith said it the best. Why should I, as an Alpha female, choose a male that can dominate me? The Alpha in me responds to the Alpha in him. When I see him, I melt. When he speaks to me in his commanding voice, all my usual arrogance goes out the window. He understands who I am. I understand who he is.

He understands my strength, but subtly lets me know that he is in charge now and that I no longer need to be. We are not wolves. Yet no matter how much we shave our hairy bodies, deodorize our odors, build tall buildings that speak of our prowess and drive around fancy speed devils, we are still humans. We are still part of the animal kingdom. No matter how deep we bury our instincts, they are still there. I am an Alpha female and I desire an Alpha male.


The moral of the story is that you don’t necessarily need to be an Alpha Male in order to attract women, but men do need to posses at least a few of their qualities such as being sure of who you are, where you’re going, and do everything for a purpose. This will expel confidence making Beta men more attractive to either Beta or Alpha women.