Why Learn French?

A few people are still asking the question: why is learning French important? On top of the obvious reasons, I’ll be listing a few unexpected benefits which may be derived from learning another language.

First, here are a few obvious advantages you may derive from learning French:

–  Its great for travel; there are over 40 countries in the “Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie”
–  It may be an advantage to your career, I’m bilingual and partly because of it, I can travel the world.
–  It’s great to meet new people, it may be a great advantage if you just met that perfect person of the opposite sex, which happens to speak French!
–  It may be a great way to renew with your roots, I’m thinking of my Louisiana Cajun friends for example or, if some of your ancestry, like mine, was French.

But here are some of the unexpected side effects you may experience while learning a second language: it’s been found that learning a foreign language by kids as young as in third grade, will increase scores in math, reading and performance IQ. There are statistical improvements in mental flexibility and superiority in concepts formation. As surprising as it sounds, I remember a few years ago, reading the newspapers of New-Brunswick, in Eastern Canada (an officially bilingual province) how kids in French immersion, were getting an unfair advantage! On average, their overall test results were higher. This may very well translate into an “unfair advantage” later in life as well.

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But more importantly, for older folks like me, the act of learning a new language will change your brain structure, some of the advantages experienced by younger kids will equally improve the brains of the fifties crowd. There are many studies out there clearly indicating that knowing more than one language will keep your cognitive abilities longer, in your seventies, eighties and even nineties. In light of this information, the right question may be to ask, “why is learning French so important?”

Check out some fun tips to help you learn French faster. There’s even a free six day course available in my review of the best online course I could find. Just click here to follow up. http://easy-french-online.blogspot.com/

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